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Disaster Loss and Damage Data

19-21 May 2014, Venue: JRC, Ispra, Italy

IRDR DATA Working Group – Third Expert Meeting

The third IRDR DATA Working Group meeting will discuss the implementation of the Peril Classification based on the newly released “Peril Classification and Hazard Glossary” IRDR document. The workshop will focus also on Assessing Human impacts in disasters and in analyzing methodologies to addressing Losses based on physical damage to assets. The final part of the workshop will be open to the technical experts from the European Union countries also working to establish Disaster Loss Database at the European level.

EU Loss Data – Second Technical Workshop

The Outcome of IRDR DATA Project Meeting will provide an opportunity to influence the development of European loss standard to be compatible with international one. The purpose of the EU Loss Data workshop is to agree on common methodology of recording losses, identify the minimum common fields with proposed definition essential for loss reporting at EU level and start discussions regarding expected reporting needs. 


19 May 2014 - IRDR Data Working Group (Third Expert Meeting)

  • 08:30 Taxi at the hotel
  • 09:00 Welcome
  • 09:30 Review of issues from second Expert meeting (Teams - Web, Human impact indicator document)
  • 10.00 Implementation of Peril Classification: Lessons Learnt (CRED, Munich-RE, Swiss-RE, UNISDR,  and University of Columbia)
  • 12.00 Summary of Peril Classification discussion
  • 12:30 Lunch 
  • 14:00 Assessing human impacts 
  • 17:15 Adjourn
  • 17:30 Taxi at the hotel
  • 19:00 Social Dinner 

20 May 2014 AM - IRDR Data Working Group (Third Expert Meeting)

  • 08:30 Taxi from the hotel
  • 09.00 Loss assessment methodologies (asset damage)
  • 12.30 Lunch

20 May 2014 PM - Combined IRDR Loss Data and EU Loss Data session

  • 13:30 Arrival at JRC of EU Loss Data experts 
  • 14:00 Welcome of EU loss data experts and quick introduction of participants 
  • 14:30 Review of issues from IRDR DATA meeting 
  • 16:00 Discussions on compatibility between IRDR Loss Data and EU Loss Data Peril classification, Human Loss data fields, Asset damage/Loss assessment methodologies 
  • 17:00 Adjourn 
  • 17.30 Taxi at the hotel/airport

21 May 2014 PM - Disaster Loss Data in the EU (Second Technical workshop)

  • 9:30 Lessons learnt of working with given MS loss data (similarities in methodology) 
  • 11:00 Opportunity for newly-joined MS to present their loss data recording system 
  •  12:30 Lunch 
  • 13:30 Process to EU guidelines for Loss Data Methodology and minimum common fields 
  • 15:30 Setting the roadmap 
  • 16:00 Conclusions 
  • 17:00 Adjourn

Meeting Documents

 TitleSizeCreated DateDescriptionClicks
IRDR and EU Loss Data Workshop Minutes763.44 KB6/5/2014Minutes of the Joined Workshop of IRDR Loss Data and EU Loss Data Experts (19-21 May, 2014)457
IRDR Loss Data presentations15.86 MB6/5/2014A collection of presentations from IRDR Loss Data part of the joined IRDR - EU Disaster Loss Data workshop 19-21 May 2014(zipped file)321
EU Loss Data PresentationsUnknown5/23/2014A collection of presentations from EU Loss Data part of the joined IRDR - EU Disaster Loss Data workshop 19-21 May 2014(zipped file)205
Assessment of data quality and uncertainty746.60 KB6/5/2014Draft paper by Xavier Romao and Esmeralda Pauperio: Assessment of data quality and uncertainty in disaster loss analysis 575
Draft agenda and workshop background368.14 KB5/5/2014Background document443